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Welcome to the Coach Approach Ministries Podcast! Coaching is a skillset and a mindset that helps people find focus, discover options and take action. At CAM, we train the very best Christian coaches in the world, and over the last decade, we've trained well over a fifteen hundred coaches. Through this podcast, we want to share insights from the Coaching Community and help you to develop a broader understanding of coaching. You can find out more about us at and sign up for our proven coach training.
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Apr 18, 2019

Often our coaching may feel closer to counseling as our clients show a need for an internal shift. Brian and Chad discuss the distinctions of counseling and coaching and how coaching often is the right approach.

Apr 11, 2019

Grace Dyson started coaching during her corporate years. She talks about how she positioned herself within the company as a coach, used coaching in her leadership style, and how she prepared herself to leave corporate and become a full-time coach.

Her podcast is The Parent as Career Coach.

Apr 4, 2019

After eight years of coaching, Brian decided to look at his coaching hours log to see where his clients came from. With 90 unique clients, here are some observations.

  • Not one client came from my website, reading my blog, or social media. Not one. Ever.
  • My first twenty clients came from wherever I could find them.
  • Eight of my first twenty clients were the key to all the rest of my clients.
  • Working these networks produced multiple clients all at once.

Chad and Brian discuss all the results on today's podcast.

Based on a blogpost found here.

Mar 28, 2019
Angie Ward is an award-winning regular contributor to Christianity Today leadership publications. She is a highly regarded teacher and collaborative leader with experience in church, parachurch, and Christian higher education contexts. She holds a Ph.D. in Ministry Leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Angie joins the podcast to talk about exploring deeply held assumptions. This is where the conflict really occurs.
3 levels of organizational culture - Assumptions are below the water.
  1. Artifacts
  2. Espoused vallues
  3. Underlying Assumptions
Where can people find Angie? @indyaward,, church chat podcast
Mar 21, 2019

Brian and Chad discuss the GROW model for coaching and walk through each step. This is a deeper dive than you might have already taken.

  1. Goals (Future)
  2. Reality (Present)
  3. Options (What's possible? Discerning)
  4. Who, What, When, Will to do it (Designing Actions)
Mar 14, 2019
Jane Creswell, Co-founder of Coach Approach Ministries, joins the podcast to share her insights on the new PCC markers provided by the International Coach Federation.
Previous Jane Creswell podcasts
#086 Learn Group Coaching from a Pioneer
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#018 Introducing Coaching Into a Fortune 500 Company
Mar 7, 2019

Chad shares his honest opinion about the popular Enneagram assessment. There are things he likes. There are things he doesn't. Your opinion may be different.

  1. The specific descriptions of human personality is true
  2. Overall framework of human personality is not true
  3. There is no validity backing it up
Feb 28, 2019
Brian interviews Joel Cocklin on the topic of Resilience.
Five elements of Resilience:
  1. Positivity 
  2. Resourcefulness
  3. strong sense of self (confidence)
  4. Self-discipline
  5. Flexibility - Resilient people are not rigid people
Podcast #074 on Positive Psychology 
Some facts about Joel:
  • Pastored for 10 years in PA
  • Entered Army chaplaincy in 1982 for 27 years plus
  • Specialized in family/marriage therapy - 3 year program completed in 14 months - MS in human development and family studies - clinical setting seeing couples and families with myriad of problems at Fort Riley
  • Command chaplain with US Southern Command - a great privilege to be the chaplain and work with 4 star general and then a 4 star Navy Admiral, working with religious leaders in those countries
  • Senior chaplain at Fort Bragg
  • Retired as a full-bird colonel
  • 9 years as Director of Leadership Development and then as Academic Dean of Winebrenner Theological Seminary
  • Now retired
Feb 21, 2019

Brian and Chad list six benefits of mentor coaching.

  1. An outside perspective
  2. Motivation
  3. Confidence
  4. Connections
  5. Resources
  6. Feedback
You can find mentor coaching at
Feb 14, 2019
Today Brian interviews Dr. Tod Bolsinger, author of Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory. Tod is the Vice President and chief of leadership formation at Fuller Seminary. He is an ordained pastor and consults and coaches with churches and nonprofits. 
Adaptive challenges are those that “cannot be solved with one’s
existing knowledge and skills, requiring people to make a shift in their values, expectations, attitudes, or habits of behavior.”
An understanding of this kind of adaptive leadership has
three characteristics:
1. a changing environment where there is no clear answer
2. the necessity for both leaders and followers to learn, especially the leader’s own ongoing transformation
3. the unavoidable reality that a new solution will result in loss
From Tod's book, a list of questions and suggestions he often asks his coaching clients:
  • What is the song behind the words that is keeping us all dancing? In other words, what deeper tune of the church is getting played in this circumstance? What is going on in this situation that nobody is talking about but is affecting the whole system of the church? - p 115
  • I also often coach my pastor clients to give a yearly “I Have a Dream” sermon in order to keep raising the urgency in the congregation. - p 142
  • As a coach to pastors, I am almost always in the role of confidant. - p 159
  • I tell my coaching clients, “You must bring yourself to your role, but you are not your role.” - p 211
  • I often coach my clients, “Make your goal in every conversation to have someone roll their eyes upward (which indicates that they are thinking differently) and say, ‘That’s a great question.’” - p 213
Text canoeing to 66866 for more resources from Tod
Feb 7, 2019
Today's podcast is about Optimism vs Pessimism. Research shows optimists are more successful. Chad and Brian talk about three distinct ways to interpret success and failure. These can become our lenses for viewing failure and success.
  1. Personal
  2. Prevalence 
  3. Permanence
We invite you to take our class on Coaching and Positive Psychology which starts February 18, 2019.
Chad mentioned the author Martin Seligman, who wrote Flourish and The Hope Circuit.
Jan 31, 2019
Coach the person instead of the problem. Chad lays out some distinctions that help us draw out the fullness of a client. Strangely, we talk a little too much about jockeys. And stay tuned till the very end for instructions on how to download a free tool that will help you dive into today's topic.

5 aspects of a person:

1. Natural gifts

2. Acquired strengths

3. Personality

4. Spiritual Gifts

5. Character

Chad wanted me to make available a one page breakdown of the 7 Heavenly Virtues. You can download this helpful resource by going to

Jan 24, 2019
This week we feature an interview recorded for Christian Coaching Magazine by Michael Cheuk. In this interview, Michael interviews Dr. Errin Weisman about her experience with burnout and how she started a coaching practice that helps doctors and working moms to live their best. Errin was trained by Coach Approach Ministries, and we thought you might be interested in her thoughts on burnout and also to see how she is using her coach training to gain the flexibility she desires as a working mom. 
Also, as a note, if you're interested in subscribing to Christian Coaching Magazine, you can do so by going to and paying $15 per year.  This gives you access to amazing articles on coaching and also supports Michael in bringing added value such as through this interview.
Jan 17, 2019

Instead of talking about coaching, Brian and Chad demonstrate coaching. Chad coaches Brian through an upcoming transition, then they debrief the coaching conversation.

Jan 10, 2019

Brian interviews former Special Agent Laura Sanders who worked almost 10 years for the IRS. Laura identifies five areas where the new tax laws will affect you on your next tax filing.

1. Tax Rates Lowered
2. Child Tax Credit Increased
3. Personal Exemptions Eliminated
4. Flat Standard Deduction vs. Itemized Deductions
5. 20% Deduction for Qualified Trade or Business - Section 199A (the most important section for self-employed coaches)
Jan 3, 2019

Brian and Chad discuss what it takes to grow your confidence and credibility as a coach. 

  • A coach needs to understand the foundations of coaching
  • A coach needs to know how to create relationships with clients
  • A coach needs to hone their skills alongside other coaches

All these attributes can be gained through CAM's Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching

Dec 27, 2018

In this classic rebroadcast of episode #32, Bill Copper gives insight into how to develop setting goals. This podcast has been one of our top downloads over the years!

Dec 20, 2018

Henry  Blackaby "Watch to see where God is working and join Him." Chad Hall and Brian Miller discuss how this influences Christian coaching.

1. Looking for God

2. Identifying snippits of activity

3. Joining the activity

Dec 13, 2018

Master Certified Coach Linda Miller, co-founder of Coach Approach Ministries, joins the podcast to discuss how coaching has impacted her life and how one might be able to coach both in the marketplace and in the ministry field.

You can contact Linda at

Her previous episode was #109 on Coaching Presence.

Dec 6, 2018

Chad Hall says, "You are either cultivating gratitude or resentment." If that's our choice, then we'd better be cultivating gratitude. Brian and Chad share some ideas on how to do this in this podcast.

Nov 29, 2018

Reggie McNeal is a City Coach with Good Cities and a senior fellow at Leadership Network. His book The Present Future was a game changer for a lot of people. He recently joined Good Cities as a City Coach.

Nov 22, 2018
Chad Hall and I talk about a burning topic, "What are some daily/weekly/monthly disciplines for getting clients?"
Here's the list.
  1. Stoke your positivity
  2. Coach somebody
  1. Immerse into your niche
  2. Reach out to someone every day
  1. Visualize your week - Charles Duhigg wrote Smarter, Faster, Better
  2. Make an ask 
  3. Add value (from your immersion)
  1. Read one really good book
  2. Show up somewhere monthly
  3. Develop one sales relationship skill
  4. Reconnect with your purpose
Nov 15, 2018

Chad and Brian talk about group coaching and give four ways to coach a group.

  1. Coach the group as a whole. The group helps process the group.
  2. Coach the group as a whole. Tap into expertise of the group. 
  3. Coach one person in the group. Others stimulated by that. (Jane Creswell describes this in Podcast #86)
  4. Coach one person in the group. Tap expertise in the group.
Nov 8, 2018
Lisa Face, PCC shares her recent experience of getting her PCC from the ICF via the Portfolio application. She gives insights on preparing for the process as well as navigating the complicated application.
Nov 1, 2018

Brian and Chad ask the why question about questions! Hang on to your seats as they dive deep into this issue.

What about questions is so important?
  1. Stirs awareness
  2. Solidifies action 
  3. Moves the process forward
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