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Apr 25, 2019

This week we are going to feature an interview recorded for Christian Coaching Magazine by Michael Cheuk. In this interview, Michael interviews Dr. Chris Gambill about his experience with the Workplace "Big 5" Profile. He talks about what the Big 5 Profile is, and how a coach should use it. 
Also, as a note, if you're...

Apr 18, 2019

Often our coaching may feel closer to counseling as our clients show a need for an internal shift. Brian and Chad discuss the distinctions of counseling and coaching and how coaching often is the right approach.

Apr 11, 2019

Grace Dyson started coaching during her corporate years. She talks about how she positioned herself within the company as a coach, used coaching in her leadership style, and how she prepared herself to leave corporate and become a full-time coach.

Her podcast is The Parent as Career Coach.

Apr 4, 2019

After eight years of coaching, Brian decided to look at his coaching hours log to see where his clients came from. With 90 unique clients, here are some observations.

  • Not one client came from my website, reading my blog, or social media. Not one. Ever.
  • My first twenty clients came from wherever I could find them.
  • Eight...