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Welcome to the Coach Approach Ministries Podcast! Coaching is a skillset and a mindset that helps people find focus, discover options and take action. At CAM, we train the very best Christian coaches in the world, and over the last decade, we've trained well over a fifteen hundred coaches. Through this podcast, we want to share insights from the Coaching Community and help you to develop a broader understanding of coaching. You can find out more about us at and sign up for our proven coach training.
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Dec 27, 2018

In this classic rebroadcast of episode #32, Bill Copper gives insight into how to develop setting goals. This podcast has been one of our top downloads over the years!

Dec 20, 2018

Henry  Blackaby "Watch to see where God is working and join Him." Chad Hall and Brian Miller discuss how this influences Christian coaching.

1. Looking for God

2. Identifying snippits of activity

3. Joining the activity

Dec 13, 2018

Master Certified Coach Linda Miller, co-founder of Coach Approach Ministries, joins the podcast to discuss how coaching has impacted her life and how one might be able to coach both in the marketplace and in the ministry field.

You can contact Linda at

Her previous episode was #109 on Coaching Presence.

Dec 6, 2018

Chad Hall says, "You are either cultivating gratitude or resentment." If that's our choice, then we'd better be cultivating gratitude. Brian and Chad share some ideas on how to do this in this podcast.

Nov 29, 2018

Reggie McNeal is a City Coach with Good Cities and a senior fellow at Leadership Network. His book The Present Future was a game changer for a lot of people. He recently joined Good Cities as a City Coach.

Nov 22, 2018
Chad Hall and I talk about a burning topic, "What are some daily/weekly/monthly disciplines for getting clients?"
Here's the list.
  1. Stoke your positivity
  2. Coach somebody
  1. Immerse into your niche
  2. Reach out to someone every day
  1. Visualize your week - Charles Duhigg wrote Smarter, Faster, Better
  2. Make an ask 
  3. Add value (from your immersion)
  1. Read one really good book
  2. Show up somewhere monthly
  3. Develop one sales relationship skill
  4. Reconnect with your purpose
Nov 15, 2018

Chad and Brian talk about group coaching and give four ways to coach a group.

  1. Coach the group as a whole. The group helps process the group.
  2. Coach the group as a whole. Tap into expertise of the group. 
  3. Coach one person in the group. Others stimulated by that. (Jane Creswell describes this in Podcast #86)
  4. Coach one person in the group. Tap expertise in the group.
Nov 8, 2018
Lisa Face, PCC shares her recent experience of getting her PCC from the ICF via the Portfolio application. She gives insights on preparing for the process as well as navigating the complicated application.
Nov 1, 2018

Brian and Chad ask the why question about questions! Hang on to your seats as they dive deep into this issue.

What about questions is so important?
  1. Stirs awareness
  2. Solidifies action 
  3. Moves the process forward
Oct 25, 2018
This week, Brian interviewed Carrie Ellis, LPC and ACC, who is certified to administer the DISC Assessment. Carrie talks about all-things DISC and talk about her assessment of Brian! Care to make a prediction of Brian's DISC?
If you want more from Carrie, you can find her at
Oct 18, 2018

Brian declares that his biggest learning from coach training beyond coaching skills is a better understanding of partnership. Brian and Chad unpack this concept.

Oct 11, 2018

Peter Reding drafted the original core competencies for the ICF, and they have stood unchanged for almost 20 years! Peter gives us some insight into how the competencies were crafted. At the end, we spend some time talking about how the competencies might be applied to leadership.

You can find out more about Peter at

Oct 4, 2018

With the recent publishing of Chad's new Ebook The Language of Life and Business Coaching, we decided to talk about the why, what, and how of publishing an Ebook.

Sep 27, 2018

LC Etheridge just achieved the highest level of coaching, receiving the MCC from the International Coach Federation. She says this was more of a transformation of herself rather than an achievement of work.

In the podcast, she says that an Olympic athlete can't start working out and eating right a few weeks before the competition. To be the best coach, you have to start living like the best coach.

A few influences she mentioned:

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


Comedian Michael Jr.

Sep 20, 2018

Framework coaching creates a way for the coach to bring some expertise into the coaching. This helps the coach create a healthy way to market coaching.

1. The framework comes out of listening to a number of clients in a particular niche.

2. The framework may suggest the topic for the client.

3. The framework may be linear or topical.

4. The framework does not provide the solution but creates awareness around an issue critical to the client's niche.

5. The framework provides a plethora of true statements that can be shared as appropriate.

6. Framework coaching makes it easier to attract clients.

Sep 13, 2018
Diane Ingram, a certified and PCC credentialed coach and coach trainer who is also a spiritual song writer and had her own TV show. 
Diane shares with us four areas of personal development and how to coach each area.
  1. Emotional
  2. Physical
  3. Spiritual
  4. Mental
Contact Info:
Sep 6, 2018

Chad and Brian give three answers to the question "How is Christian Coaching Different?"

1. It's not.

Coaching is a profession like cooking and plumbing. The basic skills are not any different than regular old coaching.

2. There are similarities and differences.

The basic skills are the same, but we bring the power of the Holy Spirit. We bring concepts like forgiveness and redemption. We have a different view of what makes a person human. We know there is a purpose to life.

3. It's totally different.

This is where people get into trouble calling what they do coaching. If it's totally different, it isn't coaching.

Aug 30, 2018

My guest today is Rev Dr Joel Oliver, Founder and Senior Pastor of Trinity Assembly of God church in STL Mo. He is the President of Insight Coaching STL. And he is also the Executive Director & Dean of City Bible Institute.

What are the essential elements for the staff/team to lean in to coaching from their leader?

  1. Coach training for each staff member
  2. Individual coaching for each staff member
  3. Established a Coaching Agreement with each team.
  4. Restructured hiring and firing.
You can reach Joel at his website:
Aug 23, 2018

People don't buy coaching. They buy outcomes. That works because we deliver outcomes through coaching. Basic marketing says to identify a problem people have and propose a solution.

In this Part 2 episode, Chad and Brian discuss how to put together a good coaching package, focusing this week on the Benefits. This is part two of a two part episode.

Aug 16, 2018

People don't buy coaching. They buy outcomes. That works because we deliver outcomes through coaching. Basic marketing says to identify a problem people have and propose a solution.

In this episode, Chad and Brian discuss how to put together a good coaching package. This is part one of a two part episode.

Aug 9, 2018

Eran Olenik created his own coaching model. He calls it the Four Constellation Model.

The four constellations are:

1. Focus

2. Motivation

3. Open Mindedness

4. Persistence.

You can contact Eran at

Aug 2, 2018

Top 5 Questions about our CCLC Coach Training Package

Danelle Miller, Projects Manager for CAM joins the podcast to answer the top 5 questions she gets about our CCLC coach training package.

What does it stand for? Certified Christian Leadership Coach

1. What is the cclc package?
2. How do the online courses work? Platform? 8 weeks. Interact? Live?
3. Can I do a payment plan?
4. Is there a way to sample your teaching? 101 with a coupon.
5. What sets you apart from other programs?

Bonus: Do I have to be a Christian?

How can people get a hold of you Danelle?

Jul 26, 2018

Brian interviews the current president of the Christian Coaches Network International, Marie Trotter. Marie shares about Christian Coaches Network International (CCNi) and also dives into how important it is to have multiple streams of incomes. The conversation ends talking about Erin Meyer's book The Culture Map.

You can contact Marie at her website You can find CCNi at

Jul 19, 2018

Brian interviews CAM founding partner Linda Miller, who is currently an Executive Coach with Ken Blanchard companies. Linda is also a trustee and professor at Western Seminary.

Linda shares her understanding of coaching presence and gives wonderful examples from her own life. You are going to be encouraged from just listening to Linda talk!

You can contact Linda at

Jul 12, 2018

Chad and Brian continue their conversation about the Core Values Index and focus in part 2 on how to use the CVI.

When a client knows and understands his unique mixture of core values, it can help them navigate life with greater success.  Here are four ways we use CVI with clients.

First, with organizations, we use the CVI to help them hire for fit.   

Second, with teams, we use the CVI to help them know how to get the most of each member of the team.

Third, with individual clients who are looking for a career change or job shift the CVI can shed light on what sort of job they’d find most fulfilling and energizing.

Finally, with individual clients who want to be more fulfilled and energized in their current role.

To take the assessment for free, go to

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