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Oct 3, 2019

Brian was reading Tim Hicks book, Embodied Conflict, and came across the term "Maybe Capacity". Hicks writes:
We can create a type of understanding that allows for the coexistence of mutually contradictory accounts, what might be called a “maybe capacity,” a looser attachment to hypothesis formation that allows us to be receptive to, and to convey our openness to, each party without fully subscribing to their account or to our own internal responses to their account. 
That is kind of a mouthful. Brian and Chad break the "Maybe Capacity" down to a level that every coach can use.
Here are some highlights:
  • Get comfortable with not knowing
  • Ask questions that are wide open at the beginning
  • Create a "frame" for the client to design actions 
  • Let the Client assign the meaning and action to the issue (and yet keep them in a maybe capacity)